Long Live Raku

In October 2019, Perl 6 changed its name to Raku. I think it’s a good move to let the language stand on its own two feet.

I’ve updated the older domains for this blog to permanently redirect to the new www.learningraku.com. I’d already changed the Twitter account to @LearningRaku. If you run into something that doesn’t work, let me know.

I’m also exploring how I can change the name of the printed and e-books. Since the book is created by print-on-demand, that might not be too hard. It could take some time since I’d also take the chance to update the book for current Raku behavior.

Various parts of the Raku community will change their names, labels, and references in the coming weeks as people have time to deal with the huge effort. You might even be able to help.

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