As I write the book I’m documenting the areas where Perl 6 has problems (or maybe I merely think it has problems). I’m not stopping to fix these because I have the book to write. By the time the book is published, I’ll merely note that the broken things are open issues.

This isn’t unusual for the first tutorial book of a language. Even Perl (4) had these issues with the first Camel and Llama books. People have done a tremendous amount of work to get the framework and structure in place, but now the finish carpenters are showing up.

RT Tickets

RT is for Rakudo things. I’ve created one overall ticket for the stuff I want to work for Learning Perl 6. That links to all of the other tickets I care about.

  • 129926 Make everything in Learning Perl 6 work

GitHub issues

Documentation issues are tracked in the perl6/docs GitHub project. It might be easier to see the list of open issues submitted by me than rely on what I list here.

  • 1082 my only gives lexical scope to some variables, so that’s not it’s defining feature.
  • 1085 Contradictory sentence for temp