A Perl 6 BBEdit Codeless Language Module

Now I have rudimentary Perl 6 syntax coloring for BBEdit, my long-preferred editor on the Mac for years. I don’t need anything fancy, so I did the minimum to color the stuff in the files I had open. BBEdit supports Codeless Language Modules that specify various things about the language, including its file extensions, name, keywords, and so on. It’s something a normal user can put into an XML or JSON file and drop into an Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules directory for immediate use (with an application restart). It’s not as clever as a compiled code module, but good enough for me at the moment.

I’ve put it in the Perl6_BBEdit_CLM project on GitHub for anyone who wants to improve it. For example, I’ve only listed the keywords I was actually using.

You can get syntax coloring for other editors:

If you know of others, let me know.

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