Quick Tip #23: Use prove to run Perl 6 tests

You can run Perl 6 tests with prove. Forget for a moment that prove is a Perl 5 tool. It’s just some tool that’s magically on your system. It’s a Test Anywhere Protocol consumer so anything that outputs TAP is fine with it.

I can tell the tool which program to use when it executes the test files by specifying it with --exec:

prove --exec perl6 some_test_file.t6

A P6 test file looks much like the old Test::More stuff that you already know. However, since we’ve started fresh, it’s just Test:

use v6;

use Test;

subtest 'is' => {
	is( "4", 4, "How do the Str and Int do?" );
	is( <4>, 4, "How do the IntStr and Int do?" );

subtest 'isa' => {
	isa-ok( <4>, IntStr );
	isa-ok( <4>, Int );
	isa-ok( <4>, Str );
	isa-ok( <4>, Rat );  # !!!



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