Translating the perlfaq to Perl 6

I started a GitHub project to translate the Perl 5 perlfaq to Perl 6. For years I maintained those documents so they are a bit special to me. Sadly, the canonical TPF repo started over in 2012 with the sources current in v5.15, so most of that history has been lost. Oh well.

I don’t want to create a new FAQ for Perl 6, because an official FAQ already exists. If that document steals from this new project, that’s fine with me. I’m doing this just because I am, and if you want to help or play with it, welcome! But, I’m just translating and adapting, not adding or deleting.

I grabbed the perlfaq questions and put them into new documents, created a repo, and filled in some of the basic meta-answers for perlfaq1. I’m curious how the rest of the perlfaq would turn out. The questions were things important to people twenty years ago. How does that hold up today?

  • Some things might not matter anymore in Perl 6
  • Some things use different tools now
  • The modules have all changed, and if they haven’t, we can use the Perl 5 modules.

If it doesn’t matter anymore, keeping the question but explaining the way Perl 6 handles it for you is something some people will appreciate. If it’s a task-based question, people probably still have the question (and will have it frequently).

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