Collating my activity to @LearningPerl6

I’ve already told you about the @LearningPerl6 twitter account, and I spent today setting up some stuff to collect what I’m doing elsewhere. I’m using to put the interesting things on Twitter. This way you can see what I’m working on and what I’m thinking about.


There’s a StackExchange API. I can get a feed of a particular user’s questions, and from that, get the question text with another query. It’s not so bad; you can see it in my stackfeed gist. It’s a bit hacky (and, Perl 5), but I started with something else I had. I watched as what I thought were some simple modules start to install a bunch of things I didn’t need, so I switched to making XML by hand. Yeah, I did that. You’ll have to excuse the flurry of tweets that showed up because I neglected to tell the feed processor to handle only the most recent so it did all of them. Oops.

If you don’t want this one from Twitter, I also have it as a regular Atom feed through this site.. I’ll probably mess with it a bit more, but there it is.

The Perl 6 RT queue

The RT queue is a bit trickier since you can’t get a feed out of the public interface. I can log in, do a search, then find my secret feed URL in the upper right:

You only get the Feeds menu while logged in

Since this is supposed to be a secret URL, I’m not supposed to give it to the public. I can give it to and let it post to @LearningPerl6 though.

If you have an RT account, you can create your own search, grab the feed for that, and add it to your own aggregator.

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