Use pre-built Rakudo packages on Appveyor

I’ve been fooling around with pre-built Rakudo packages on Travis CI so I figured that I should do the same on AppVeyor. Last night I had a Ubuntu build that ran out of memory before it could finish compiling Rakudo and it gave up. AppVeyor is rolling out Linux support and I suspect their initial machines are underpowered (especially the ones I get for free—completely reasonable) but I haven’t investigated it. It’s certainly easier than the Pugs installations which could take days although much of that was just GHC.

The Windows side is easy because I use the rakudo-star chocolatey package.

This configuration is mostly the same as what I am doing on Travis but translated to a configuration that’s handling Windows and Linux at the same time. Lines starting with sh: are run on Linux only; lines with no prefix are run on both systems.

  TEMPDIR: /tmp

  # Ubuntu install
  - sh: cd ${TEMPDIR}
  - sh: wget -O rakudo-pkg.deb ${RAKUDO_PKG_URL}
  - sh: sudo dpkg -i rakudo-pkg.deb
  - sh: export PATH=$PATH:~/.perl6/bin:/opt/rakudo-pkg/bin
  - perl6 -v
  # zef and dependencies
  - sh: git clone && cd zef && perl6 -Ilib bin/zef install .
  - zef --debug --depsonly install .

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